This Too, Shall Pass

19, Dallas.
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A Devastating Decline

So, I’m sure many of you are aware, but Cassis has been losing an incredible amount of business lately. Well, for the past year. At first we blamed it on the lack of stores in the complex, but when their spots were filled the business was still bad. Apparently last month was the worst we’ve ever had, and it’s apparent when I will go two hours at a time without a customer. It’s become rather depressing. I used to enjoy having the time to do homework and go on tumblr, but now I realize that this is not good at all. It pains me to see my boss make so many attempts to increase awareness and bring business (hell, I even burn spell candles for drawing money/prosperity in the store). Why has it gone bad? Is it the service? The quality? The prices? Inconvenience or unreliability? Are there just better places to go? I feel like nothing has changed and sometimes I even blame myself for not being nicer to customers. I don’t know what happened. Maybe people just don’t want boba tea anymore. 

I’m planning on making take-home menus with our drinks on it, and I’m hoping that might improve something. Either way, the desperation I see I hope others don’t. I wish the best for Cassis. I’ve worked here for almost four years and it is my home.

Cassis if anyone has input please tell me whether it be good or bad
Well hey, I'm sure they weren't that bad! You should give it another go! I'm actually a writer and it just so happens that characters are my forte! We're gonna have to meet up some time and collaborate. I'm sure we could make something epic (:
by Anonymous

It just depends on who you are! I’d rather be your editor :p

Hey Dana! Have you ever thought about writing a novel? I don't why, but I feel like you could write a killer murder mystery novel.
by Anonymous

Haha, I used to think I could be a writer when I was younger, but upon looking back all of my “books” were passive aggressive dreams and they were awful. If I did write one, it would probably be an analysis of being… kind of like philosophy and personal religion more than anything else. I don’t have much of an imagination for characters anyway. Thank you anon :)